2017 Ordering Information and Terms

Don’t be afraid of the fine print. We’ve kept it to the basics:

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Back to School/Business Fall Production

2016 Fall Production schedules:

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Why did the Printer Cross the Road

To get to the other side, of course!

I hope you’ll cross the road with us. Cathy and I and a whole slew of other old friends have joined with new partners to give you a quality product with the kind of service we know you count on.

We’re excited to help you build your business with the key marketing tool: music folders in every school and on every music stand!

– Mardra Sikora

Why Music Folders with Your Logo?

Students carry their music homework in budfolders, suitable for their backpacks. Aspiring musicians move from lesson to lesson with folders full of music and instruction. Band and Orchestra’s perform with bandfolders set upon the music stand.

Whether your store provides these folders free or sells them at the counter, music folders are a critical marketing tool for your business’ success. We are here to help you keep your company name and logo on the mind of students, educators, musicians, and administrators.

Take a look at our cost effective stock designs and limitless custom options. Plus, don’t forget that Bandfolder Press offers Free ground shipping to one location and you’ll want to act fast because orders received by May 6th are 5% off of the catalog price!

Reaching us is easy; you can find the “Service Maestro,” Cathy, at CathyC@bandfolderpress.com or at 844-365-3372. Let’s Connect!

Oh Oh Oh! And Facebook, too!

2016 FAQ’s

  • Do I get a discount if I order early?
    • YES! Ask Cathy about our current specials.
  • What is this FREE SHIPPING OPTION?
    • The prices in this catalog include ground shipping to one location dock delivery in the contiguous United States.
  • What about split shipping?
    • Sure! Customers who order a minimum of 5,000 folders may request to have partial items stored and/or split shipping between more than one location. This is a great way to make the most of the longer run production savings without worrying about the space a large order can take. The ground shipping is still included, only an additional cost of $20 will be added for each additional shipment location or date that is requested by the customer.
  • Won’t this Free Shipping mess with my budgeting for next year?
    • Although we cannot promise exact pricing from year to year, we can tell you that Free Shipping is part of our new business model and price structure.
  • When can I place my order?
  • When will I get my order?
    • Folder orders received by May 1st will be scheduled to ship on or around August 1st, unless you let us know you need a sooner date. Exact repeat orders generally ship within three weeks, new orders are scheduled for four week production.
  • What does “Imprinted” and “Unimprinted” mean?
    • Imprinted means that a stock folder or calendar is ordered and will also include your company name and logo in addition to the design shown.
    • Unimprinted
      • Calendars: Means the calendar ships with only the background, no custom name or imprint
      • Folders. The Bandfolder and the Budfolder both have the option to order the 165 or the 169 without any custom name or logo.
  • Is there a set-up fee for my logo/copy on the folder?
    • This year we are not passing along any of the set-up costs for typesetting and placement of logos on imprinted orders.
    • Please supply your logos in the best quality you have available for better print and accuracy to the integrity of your original design.
    • Since we’re starting from scratch, we will need you to approve a proof before we print. Please provide an email or shipping address for your team to look at the imprint.
  • Can I have a custom design?
  • What about a custom size or finish in addition to custom artwork?
    • We love it! Our production team is ready to take on any custom order. For pricing please email us here.
  • Do I have to fill out a credit application?
  • Where are you located?
    • Bandfolder Press is a division of Wright Printing located at 11616 I St, Omaha, NE, 68137.

Complete order information and terms are here. 

Your Input on Orchestra Designs

We are working on ways to meet the needs of your directors by creating designs that are both pleasing and cost effective. We are looking for feedback from those stores who specialize in or hope to reach out to the orchestra directors in their market.

Please take this very short survey – we greatly appreciate your feedback!
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About Bandfolder Press

The Wright Family has been in printing for over 80 years. When Mark Wright retired in 2015, he took all of about 10 minutes off work (hyperbole) before asking Mardra (also “retired”) to jump back into the fray. The thing is, they saw a need and have the passion and commitment to fill that need. But not alone. No, it is with both new and established colleagues that this incarnation is evolving.

Wright Printing is also enlisting new technology and partnerships, while incorporating “old fashioned” customer service, because good service and honest relationships never go out of style.

Bandfolder Press is a new name, with new brands, put in motion by old friends.

This website is part of the very first steps to a new and exciting adventure. Check back for updates or, just give us a call! We’re ready to tell you all about what we have to offer.

Looking for your input!

Welcome to Bandfolder Press!

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to connecting.

Let’s start with a short quiz, shall we? Don’t go…it’s fun and easy!

Please fill out this quick six question survey to help us choose our first folder designs.

Thanks and see you soon!
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About Employment


What you should know about who we are and what we’re looking for:

  • First off – Quad Employees: Quad employees are off limits. Even if a person quits Quad, even if a person is fired from Quad, it is likely that he/she is/will be off limits to work for any organization/entity that has anything to do with Mark Wright. Seriously. Don’t do anything rash.
    • But what about…? The exceptions are few, far between, and generally required legal and contractual voodoo that has already taken place. Besides, Quad has like, what, 10 weeks vacation? Plus, packaging is the only growing segment of the print industry; why would anyone leave that for a start-up printing company?
  • Yes, this is a start-up. And as such, we have limited spaces to fill and a startup budget to consider. I’m not trying to talk you out of applying, I just want you to be cognizant of the real deal. Everyone has to start somewhere and we intend to begin one shift on each machine, with some folks working more than one machine.
  • The worst shifts, in fact. Please do not apply if you are unable or unwilling to work nights, a mid-shift, or (Print-Gods willing) overtime. And I don’t mean just “at the beginning” because our crystal ball has been working hard already and refuses to give us this information.
  • Another thing about small business. If you’ve ever said, or even grumbled, “That’s not my job” please do not apply. We are looking for trade craftsmen who are also willing to paint, clean, move, ship, and learn something new.
  • Lots of learning. In fact, we are looking for a small but mighty team who are so excited about learning new things that they are willing to eat, sleep, and likely dream about the future of print.
  • Speaking of that Mighty Team – This team includes every department, every shift, every print partner, and every customer. Our team will build, teach, learn, share, rally, and work hard for each other. Please throw out all your “old feelings” about any one (or two) coworkers, managers, or even customers, this thing will only work if we are willing to lock arms and go in together.
  • Do I have to fill out an application? Yes. Every potential employee has to fill out an application. If you have a resume, feel free to complete the application and send the resume, too.
  • When will you start hiring? We have started a very few conversations, we will start more over the next few weeks, we hope to continue having conversations all the rest of this year, and Print-Gods willing, the next year, too. (see Start-Up)
  • When are you starting employees? Start dates will be determined based on equipment arrivals then based on customer demand. Remember, the customer is a critical part to our mighty team and as they demand more, we will rally.
  • I used to work for Wright Printing, am I guaranteed a job? I think you know the answer to this, but I’ll say it anyway: No. No one is guaranteed a job because of previous employment at Wright Printing. Please, do not quit your current job. Do not build your plans around ours until we can make them together. Also remember that, as stated above, we expect and truly hope there will be waves of employment opportunities. If we can’t work together in wave one (for lack of a better term) that, in many circumstances, means only that the complexities of staffing the start-up version don’t match to your application. With every growth step we will improve our team, but the puzzle pieces will take time to put together.
  • If I don’t hear from you, should I apply again? We will keep all applications on file for 2016. **Update: Note: applications submitted before January of 2018 will need to be resubmitted with current information for consideration of 2018 hiring requirements.
  • You know what? This actually sounds awesome. What do I do next? Download the application and mail it in.


We are proud to have worked with many of the finest people in the Omaha printing community. We hope to continue in that tradition and maybe even recruit and train a few more.

Thanks for thinking of being a part of our team. – Mardra Sikora


You can use this contact form to reach out with any further questions.