2018 Ordering Information and Terms

Trade Customs, Terms, and 2018 Ordering Information

Don’t be afraid of the fine print. We’ve kept it to the basics:

  1. Orders: Orders may be received via email, online via the website, fax, or mail. Please complete all requested information before considering the order placed including any necessary artwork, logo details, and/or additional copy information.
    1. Delivery: Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing at the time of order agreement, the price quoted is for a single shipment without storage.
    2. Changes or Cancellation to Orders: Changes to orders in production may require additional cost based on the production time and materials already incurred, cancellation or changes after an order is in process will require payment for work performed.
    3. Each design and imprint requires its own order and will be priced accordingly; each style, imprint, and size are separate orders.


  1. Overrun and Underruns: Over/Under will run the printing industry standard of 10% of the original order. Bandfolder Press will invoice for actual amount shipped. If a customer requires exact quantity, there is a 10% surcharge applied to the order. A customer may also request “no overs” – however, a “no overs” request may cause the order to run more than 10% short. In that case, Bandfolder Press will not put the order back into production and will bill for the quantity shipped.


  1. Preparatory Materials: Artwork, copy, plates, and other items supplied by Bandfolder Press remain its exclusive property unless otherwise agreed in writing.


  1. Pricing: Pricing is subject to change without notice. If you have special requirements or would like a quote on higher or less than minimum quantities, please contact us. All prices in this catalog include ground shipping to one location within the contiguous United States: see the additional information in the shipping/spilt shipping policy.


  1. Production Times:
    1. Production times begin from proof approval. Generally speaking, production is about 4 weeks in-house. Exact repeat orders may ship sooner. There may be variation based on “in” or “out” of season. Bandfolder Press accommodates delivery requests based on the receipt of all order components as well as available production capabilities. Please let us know what you need.
    2. Very Important:
      1. Proofs: Production cannot proceed without proof approval. If the proof is not replied to within two working days, this will delay the shipping date.
      2. Storing folders for hold date: If you do not want a shipment delivered to your facility until a specific date, please make a note at the time of your order. Without a hold noted, our production facility will ship and invoice product as soon as production has it completed.
    3. If circumstances arise that require a rush, please call customer service. Expedited service and shipping can incur additional costs and will be arranged whenever possible.


  1. Proofs: Proofs are supplied upon request with original order. First-time orders being set up by Bandfolder Press require either a laser or pdf proof approval by the customer before production can begin. Bandfolder Press is not responsible for errors which appear on the proof but are not changed at the time of approval. Custom orders can either supply a proof with the artwork or can request a proof at the time of order submission. VERY IMPORTANT: Production will not begin until a proof is responded to by the customer.


  1. Quality of Product and Service:
    1. Bandfolder Press takes seriously every customer’s trust in creating the important marketing tool of your music folders. Every Bandfolder Press employee is committed to meeting your quality and service expectations. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us promptly with your concern. We resolve to handle each concern quickly and address each unique circumstance to the best possible resolution.
    2. Claims for damages, defects, or shortages must be made within a period of 30 days of delivery. Bandfolder Press liability is for the value of the product only and does not include any special or consequential damages.


  1. Right to Promotion: We reserve the right to use, in our advertising, any items we produce, unless the customer specifies a request otherwise, in writing, at the time the order is placed.


  1. Shipping and Split/Shipping: All prices in this catalog include ground shipping to one location within the contiguous United States. Customers who order a minimum of 5,000 folders may request to have partial items stored and shipped at a later date.
    1. Please Note: the total order will be produced in one print run, then placed in storage. Therefore, no changes to copy or quantity can be made after printing. These changes will require a new order.
    2. If a customer requests to hold and ship their order, the additional cost of $20 will be added for each additional shipment location or date that is requested by the customer. The shipping carrier is at the discretion of Bandfolder Press. If a specific carrier is requested, or expedited shipping is necessary, these costs will be invoiced to the customer.
    3. Folders ordered with a request to hold, require the secondary ship-dates to be supplied at the time of the order. These dates can be changed if given a minimum of two weeks notice and a new date is supplied. Folders can remain in storage for up to one year and shipment will be billed at the price of the product at the time of shipment. However, customers will be notified before any price increase to allow for withdrawing the shipment prior if they desire. Early order discounts will only be applied to shipments invoiced in the calendar year of the ordered date.
    4. Split shipment requests are accepted at the discretion of the Bandfolder Press management.
    5. Inside Delivery/Dock Information: Orders of 5,000 and over often ship via truck/freight. Please indicate at the time of order any special considerations that need to be made for the carrier including lift gate or other requirements. Sometimes these considerations require an extra expense, Bandfolder Press will contact you before shipping if any additional charges will be billed.



  1. Terms:
    1. Bandfolder Press accepts payments via check or credit card. We do not ship COD. Returned checks incur a $25 return charge and we reserve the right to stop production on any orders in-house until accounting issues are resolved. We reserve the right to require prepayment on any order before beginning production.
    2. To apply for an open account, a complete credit application is required. Product is invoiced for the amount shipped at the time of shipping.
    3. Payment terms for open accounts are within 30 days from invoice date. We reserve the right to bill finance charges at 1.5% per month on the total unpaid balance.
    4. All prices in this catalog are based on US currency and out of country orders must be prepaid by credit card at the value of the US dollar.
    5. Artwork return requests will not be filled if there is a past due balance.


Thank You for Choosing Bandfolder Press!

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