Listening, Learning, AND Playing!

At Bandfolder Press our team believes that Working Hard and Playing Hard go together like peanut butter and jelly – or better yet – peanut butter and chocolate!

We recently returned from the NASMD convention and returned with new ideas, new friends and, to be honest, a little tired.

We went to a great session about the customer experience, where we came out refreshed to exceed the expectations of our customers.

I think the most important lesson from that session is this one:

I’m proud to work with a team of professionals who don’t look at each order as “one job” but instead as one part of a bigger relationship. A relationship we want to foster and, yes, grow – year after year.

It’s always nice to get a little love back, too. Like this:

We also attended a few other sessions to grow our brains and we LOVED meeting new people at the “speed dating” sessions between vendors, road reps, managers, and other buyers. We had fun passing out the individualized business card holder folders that our own Jamie designed.

AND – we played!

Here we are playing –

We look forward to learning, sharing, and more fun next year.

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