Custom Music Folders

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Yes – We Do Custom Orders

Yes, we want to bring your own custom design to life!

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Cool Raised Foil Presentation Folders

We wanted to do something special for the stores honored

by NAMM as the Top 100, so we did!


It occurs to us, there are occasions in your store that also deserve a special pocket folder. Contracts, piano sales, special events…

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Bandfolders for Bands AND Orchestras

Folders for Strings and Orchestra Instruments

We understand the importance of audience when choosing and designing your folder.

When creating stock designs, Bandfolder Press strives to include band and orchestra instruments. Our most popular designs, however, show no instruments at all in order to be comprehensive to all music programs. Check out our stock designs here.

That said, stores and brands that specialize in strings/orchestra may want to consider the strength of that specialization and include it in their folder branding. This can be done on a stock design, via the logo, or by creating a custom folder.

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The Music Stand is Your Billboard

Or is it your oyster?

Right. It’s: The world is your oyster, and The music stand is your billboard.

A Custom Folder Design

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