Since this time last year

It’s Saturday morning. I’m thinking about this time last year.

Last year at this time…

I sat in a Scooters coffee shop and began by building a website. This website.

I didn’t know anything about building websites, heck, I still don’t. While Mark started negotiations for machines, I needed to reach the people. Step one: build a website. Step two: join NASMD. Step three: Create Facebook Page. These are the steps where it began.

We knew there was a vacuum of service needing to be filled. Friends immediately reached out to us. We listened. We reacted. We built.

At this time last year, we sat at this table and planned.


As customers gave us their trust, we worked long hours, problem solved, and took the bumps that come with any new adventure. We learned and relearned what we didn’t know we didn’t know. We came in with fresh eyes and fresh ideas with one, common, goal: Personal attention with the promise of quality and on-time delivery.

“When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb.” –Patanjali  

This new journey is built on excitement, ambition, and above all: Trust. Every order we receive is a supreme act of trust, we value that.

At this time last year,

we were an empty building.

Yet, we delivered, as promised.

We’ve come a long way in one year, can you believe there’s more to do and further to go? Of course you can.

At this time last year, we focussed our attention on how to fill a need: the needs of our customers and the needs of our community.

This year, and every year, that drives our team.

It is our honor to be trusted. Thank you.

– Mardra Sikora

Bandfolder Press, 3/4/17

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