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2024 FAQ’s

These are the quick notes on ordering and shipping info.

  • Do I get a discount if I order early?
    • YES! We are offering 5% discount for orders received by June 1st, 2024.

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Family, Business, and Gratitude

This is the time of year we take a moment to reflect. I know many of our customers and friends are in a family business, and though our business models may not be the same, many of the lessons are.

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Since this time last year

It’s Saturday morning. I’m thinking about this time last year.

Last year at this time…

I sat in a Scooters coffee shop and began by building a website. This website.

I didn’t know anything about building websites, heck, I still don’t. While Mark started negotiations for machines, I needed to reach the people. Step one: build a website. Step two: join NASMD. Step three: Create Facebook Page. These are the steps where it began.

We knew there was a vacuum of service needing to be filled. Friends immediately reached out to us. We listened. We reacted. We built.

At this time last year, we sat at this table and planned.

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Why did the Printer Cross the Road

To get to the other side, of course!

I hope you’ll cross the road with us. Cathy and I and a whole slew of other old friends have joined with new partners to give you a quality product with the kind of service we know you count on.

We’re excited to help you build your business with the key marketing tool: music folders in every school and on every music stand!

– Mardra Sikora

Why Music Folders with Your Logo?

Students carry their music homework in budfolders, suitable for their backpacks. Aspiring musicians move from lesson to lesson with folders full of music and instruction. Band and Orchestra’s perform with bandfolders set upon the music stand.

Whether your store provides these folders free or sells them at the counter, music folders are a critical marketing tool for your business’ success. We are here to help you keep your company name and logo on the mind of students, educators, musicians, and administrators.

Take a look at our cost effective stock designs and limitless custom options. Plus, don’t forget that Bandfolder Press offers Free ground shipping to one location and you’ll want to act fast because orders received by May 6th are 5% off of the catalog price!

Reaching us is easy; you can find the “Service Maestro,” Cathy, at CathyC@bandfolderpress.com or at 844-365-3372. Let’s Connect!

Oh Oh Oh! And Facebook, too!

About Bandfolder Press

The Wright Family has been in printing for over 80 years. When Mark Wright retired in 2015, he took all of about 10 minutes off work (hyperbole) before asking Mardra (also “retired”) to jump back into the fray. The thing is, they saw a need and have the passion and commitment to fill that need. But not alone. No, it is with both new and established colleagues that this incarnation is evolving.

Wright Printing is also enlisting new technology and partnerships, while incorporating “old fashioned” customer service, because good service and honest relationships never go out of style.

Bandfolder Press is a new name, with new brands, put in motion by old friends.

This website is part of the very first steps to a new and exciting adventure. Check back for updates or, just give us a call! We’re ready to tell you all about what we have to offer.